Salt Spring Hospice Society is a not-for-profit society that provides timely and easily accessible services for those who need them on Salt Spring Island. We are a mainly volunteer led organization composed of a Board of Directors, Coordinators, and selected and specifically trained volunteers to meet the needs of the community. Our Coordinators and volunteers provide comfort for the patient or client and support for the family, rather than a cure for progressive and life limiting illness.

Having no physical facility of our own, Salt Spring Hospice Society describes a set of services rather than a location. We have funded a palliative suite in Lady Minto Hospital and are the volunteer component of the Lady Minto Palliative Care Program. In addition to the hospital, we also carry out our services in Residential Care and private homes. We support those recently diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, those with a chronic or terminal illness, their families, friends, other care givers, and persons recently bereaved.

We have concentrated on end of life care, grief support, vigils, ongoing education and training for members as well as providing information, education and awareness to the Community.

A hospice is really a philosophy of care. It’s really about making the end of life as worthwhile as the rest.