Northern Health (NH) provides a full range of health care services to approximately 294 188 residents of northern British Columbia and in northern British Columbia, approximately 1798 people die each year(Government of British Columbia, 2013). Of those persons who die each year, 90% would benefit from palliative care (PC) services and/or a palliative approach to their care (Carstairs, 2010). Palliative care is provided in all communities, in any setting (e.g. acute care, community, residential). NH tries to ensure that dying patients are provided the same quality of care regardless of where they choose to die.

Northern Health’s 7,000 staff members provide services across a vast landscape that comprises two-thirds of the province. As the largest (geographically) health authority in British Columbia, Northern Health (NH) covers an area of approximately 592,116 square kilometers (Northern Health, 2014). Services are planned and organized by NH across northern British Columbia following a service distribution model that is oriented around normal flow patterns for services (e.g., business or recreational services) and the health needs of the northern population.

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