The New West Hospice Society is dedicated to building a grassroots hospice initiative from the community level up, based on the Compassionate City model.

Founded in 2016, a major underlying purpose of the New West Hospice Society is to acknowledge and affirm that dying, death and grief are natural parts of the life-cycle. The overarching mission of the NWHS is to provide services and to facilitate processes for those in New Westminster experiencing end-of-life and bereavement. We envision a city in which dying, death and bereavement are normalized and where community bonds enable each other to live to their fullest in their communities during illness and dying, and through bereavement.

We aim to achieve this our mission and vision through a commitment to adopt the tasks of the Compassionate City Charter and by using a neighbour helping neighbour approach with partner organizations to support those at end-of-life to live as fully and comfortably as possible in locations that are conducive and appropriate.

Our Board members are highly experienced and educated people who personally espouse the concepts of treating your neighbours, friends, and families with kindness and respect. We see what is happening in the world today and are committed to helping to make the world a better place in some small way. We chose a community development approach to starting our organization based on these tenets.