Meridian Home Care is a locally owned and community based home care provider whose focus has always been to deliver a great home care experience. We specialize in providing support and medical assistance to our aging population who need continued care after hospital discharge, surgery, rehabilitation, or for those seeking on-going daily home care services.

We understand that caring for a terminally ill family member is a demanding role and no one is equipped to do it alone. Our staff is here to help provide a comfortable end-of-life experience, and an easier transition for your loved one and your family. At this stage in life, we treat the client, not the disease.

Our team will support the client’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs. We emphasize the quality, not the duration of life. We want our clients and their families to remain in the comfort of a familiar and peaceful setting, to approach the end of life with care and dignity.

What languages are your services offered in?:

English, however many of our services are available in many different languages.

Is your program designated as a hospice palliative care program/service?:


What population of hospice palliative care patients/clients does your program/service currently serve?:

Meridian Home Care provides care and support to people of all ages.

What are your admission/referral criteria?:

There is no admission or referral criteria, we provide services to anyone who needs care within our service area of Durham region and the Greater Toronto area and we also provide free assessments

Your hospice palliative care program/service provides support and/or care for the following:

Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease

How would you answer the following question if asked by a patient, client, resident and/or family? "What can you do for me?":

Our nurse led palliative care team at Meridian Home Care has the knowledge and experience to assist you through this difficult time, you can arrange a free assessment with one of our Care Coordinators that will hear more about your situation, understand what it is you are going through and listen to your concerns.

We approach all patients as individuals, carefully assessing the client’s physical, financial, social and psychological needs. We work closely with our nurses and caregivers to develop a personalized plan of care and assign professionals that best match the needs of the client. The plan of care will outline the services, frequency and duration of visits, and will coordinate with our internal and external health providers as necessary.

We assemble a special team of caregivers that have been matched to best suit your care requirements and led by a nursing supervisor that will oversee your service and provide you with the best level of care.