Dr. Betty Davies

The 2015 Pediatric Award of Excellence was presented to Dr. Betty Davies, a visionary, leader and pioneer in Pediatric Hospice Palliative Care.

Dr. Davies’ impressive career has spanned over 45 years, beginning as a Staff Nurse at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, AB.  Since then Dr. Davies has gone on to lead a highly successful career, where she’s been involved in a number of extraordinary projects in the areas of dying death, and bereavement particularly in pediatric hospice palliative care.  She has been a highly successful teacher and mentor.  Her research has had a global impact and many clinicians around the world benefit from her many notable publications.  Most recently, Betty served as a Professor at the University of California, San Francisco, in the Department of Family Health Care Nursing.  Although now officially retired, Betty continues to write, research, present and mentor.

Dr. Davies’ impressive list of accomplishments includes:

  • Was a founder of and helped to establish the framework for the care program at the first North American Children’s Hospice, Canuck Place.
  • Been an accomplished educator and mentor.  Her teaching career includes positions at the University of Alberta, the University of British Columbia, the University of California San Francisco (Department Head), and the University of Victoria.
  • Has been reported in nearly 200 scientific and popular publications.
  • Is a leading figure internationally and was an early leader in establishing the research agenda ofg pediatric palliative care.
  • Been published in 84 peer-reviewed journal articles, 43 book chapters, written 3 books, and edited 6 other books.
  • Has been involved in a number of extremely impressive research studies where she has been awarded multi-millions of dollars for her research projects.  Her research include but are not limited to siblings’ response to experience the death of a brother or sister, the experiences of Latino and Chinese families in Pediatric Palliative Care, and examining the father’s role in Pediatric Palliative Care.

Dr. Betty Davies has been described as a humanitarian who is not only smart, but strong, compassionate, kind and graceful.  Her humility and humanity encourages everyone around her to reach for excellence.  It is because of Betty that Canada has continued to play an important role in the global Pediatric Palliative Care community.  It is because of her many accomplishments and dedication that Dr. Davies is the 2015 recipient of the Pediatric Award of Excellence.